The Beginning

DSC_5856 pencilaIt started one Saturday afternoon with a guitar, a banjo, a bass, three mates and, well, a small measure of brown coloured throat tonic.

Next thing you know, the afternoon evaporated, the sun was sinking low and a whole new musical genre had evolved – bluegrasscountryswing.

So be prepared for a pleasant surprise when you hear our treatment of familiar tunes and new favourites. Expect anything from bass slappin’ fast country, to thoughtful ballads and swing banjo, seasoned with a sprinkling of bluegrass.

We are named after the Remarkables mountain range – which none of us have climbed. We are Neil Finlay on acoustic guitar, Bryan Christianson on banjo and Pete Parnham on bass. Oh, and everybody sings, sometimes in harmony.

Then one day we jammed with Robbie Lavën, and there you go, this missing link was added.

In January 2013, Peter decided it was time to have another round of OE and headed off to the depths of the English winter. His replacement, Garry Trotman, has been a friend of ours for many years having played in various lineups with Neil and Bryan in that time.