Pete Parnham

I have a battered Fender Stratocaster at home, but these days I’d rather pickup my D18 Martin or Dobro to make music by hand. I did not start as a kid or anything, I just began to learn electric guitar in my 20s. A bit of touring in a hopeless band and years of covers band in cossie clubs, pubs and RSAs followed. That’s how I battered my Fender. But by 1997 I’d had enough and gave it up, getting my weekends back and started going to the Bluegrass Society in Wellington with an acoustic guitar.

By 2003 I was in Auckland and I that year I got a bass for my birthday – a complete surprise thanks to my partner Helen. Later on, through Bryan I met Neil, and did the Stop and Listen blues CD with him. I still love playing that music. The funny thing is, learning bass made me a better guitarist.

Then in 2011 I think it was, Bryan, Neil and I started this band with me on bass and after a short time we added Robbie Laven. The Remarkables name was a spur of the moment thing – so was the repertoire as I recall.

But in 2013/14 I lived and worked in the UK, so that was that. But by mid-2016 I was back here, and was invited back in, this time on guitar and dobro.  I occasionally sing a song too.

It good fun because I’ve always liked Americana, bluegrass and swing. As it happens I have never been much of a radio listener so I am afraid Phil Collins through to Lorde whatever was in between pretty much passed me by.

I don’t care.