Rafters 18th March 2011

This was the first gig, I had a call from Graham McGregor asking if our country band Too Far Gone was able to do this gig, but Martha Louise was out of town.

I have a rule. If my calendar is free I say yes.

“Too Far Gone, is not available,” I told Graham, thinking fast back to a jam with Neil and Bryan, “But I know a great band called.. um.. The Remarkables..  who can do it instead.”

This approach has one great advantage, unlike most of the bands I’ve been in the name was made up on the spot, so we didn’t have to waste time trying to think of a name. Mind you it was recycled from a band I had back – well the 1980s I think ‘Cecil Peak and the Remarkables.”  Try either of those names in Google – they really exist across the valley from one another.

Anyway the whole thing at Rafters was fun so we decided to keep it going.