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Paul Symons Music Fulla

This guy can make music. Check out his latest CD Shooting Stars.

A 1968 Taranaki farmboy, Paul Symons  says he grew up listening to late night AM radio & learning songs at lunchtime guitar lessons.

He decided to maximize the ‘Bluesness’ of life by acquiring a vintage Bedford schoolbus and heading off in a never-ending spiral around the South and occasionally the North island, playing pubs, skifields, motorcycle rallies & festivals. Along the way holding down job as oilrig worker, gardener, painter, wharfie, builder, sawmiller and dumptruck driver (strictly for the ‘Johnny-Cashness’). The ever-expanding tour came to a welcome halt in Auckland in the mid 90s and the housebus was tethered.

The first album “Spaceman” was released in 2005 – think cool slide guitar and catchy songs.

He spent time  fronting and playing slide with legendry Westy party-band “The Dusters”, playing pedal-steel with alt country combo “Too Far Gone” and  playing original music with Lott Larson in “F3” (the Fickle Finger of Fate).

Then, as fate would have it, Lott Larsen joined Paul in February 2011 to make the“Shooting Stars” album at Wellington’s Braeburn Studio with drummer Des Mallon. Planning underway for getting about a bit more & making some ruckus. Soon as Paul finishes the rebuild on the Schoolbus…

I just call him the groove Meister, Paul can take his Takemine (One of the best sounding ones I have ever heard) and set up a groove like a  South Island train track.

Watch out for the blue and white Bedford at festivals – don’t camp near it if you want an early night.

– Pete, (history details from Paul’s bio)





Based around the cello and ukulele, Chillele (Chill-ay-lee) delve into the musical archives of their grandparent’s era to find forgotten gems that almost everyone recognizes and anyone can sing along to.

With a lush lead vocal underpinned by a re-jigged cello, a rinky-dink ukulele and sweet, sensitive guitar, Chillele is a unique trio. Above and beyond the quality of music that each musician demands of him/herself, Chillele insist that they enjoy the music they are making, and relish the opportunity to do so.

Chillele boast that they collectively have more than a century’s worth of experience in the music industry, and are working on knocking out their next century of good, tasty music.

Paul ‘Spaceman’ Symons Kiwi Valley Launch Party warm up 7 Oct 2011

A good crowd came to hear Spaceman Paul Symons perform his new Shooting Stars with his band.

At the Kiwi Valley or Flax Cafe in Henderson Road, it was our pleasure to get the party going with half a dozen songs.

Shooting Stars is all new songs by Paul Symons, fully fleshed out with the amazing rhythm section of *Lott* Larson on Double bass & Des Mallon on Drums, at he live gig he add Janek Croyden on pedal steel, Wisenborne and lap steel.

According to Paul the album started out as a brace of solo songs that grew into full arrangements with beautiful harmonies.

If you’d like your very own copy, contact Paul or come along to a gig.

of check out Pauls Web’s site

Launch gigs October 2011, dates on homepage.

Ask him if he has any copies of his 2005 CD Spaceman – You won’t be disappointed.

East Coast Bays – 2nd September 2011

What a reception. We went down a treat. Neil and I had originally got the gig as a blues act label based on the Stop and Listen album, but what the heck, when we add Bryan we really go to a whole new place, and we are not just talking another suburb in bluesville.

So after five or so song we got Bryan up and let rip, starting with ‘Stuff you gotta watch’ a Muddy Waters tune that is fun to play and pretty catchy.

Then we went swing with Whoa Babe a tune we got off Bob Wills, played a few more and ended with “Luxury Liner 40 tons of steel…”

Had to go back twice to give ’em another.

What a fun place to play, really friendly people, and foot-stomping appreciative.

– Pete


Worth a visit –

Venue : Torbay Senior Citizens Social Centre
(behind main Torbay shops at 37 Watea Road).
When: 8pm, first Friday of each month (except January).
Admission: $7 general admission ($5 college students) & $5 performers.
Note: Sorry no alcohol permitted in this hired venue.
Format: Casual performers 1st half with featured guest in the 2nd half.
Contact: Bob Uhe, Tel: 09-4263588, or Email:
Judith Moore, Tel: 09-4275728, or Email:

Web :


Wellington Folk Festival 21-24 October 2011

We were all guest artists at the Wellington Folk Festival – but not as The Remarkables.

Neil and Pete are playing as a duo, as seen on our album Stop and Listen, and Bryan is part of Tui Award-winners Wires and Wood.

During our day concert Neil and Pete got Bryan up for a few songs, we hope you other festival organisers were tantalised, cause you’ll be hearing from us.

I ran a bass workshop with Holly Downes,  Venessa McGown and Gary Trotman. All eyes were on Holly and Vanessa who showed where you can take the instrument with enough dedication, but Gary threw in the occasional one liner to keep it light and funny.

Thanks guys.









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