The Remarkables are an acoustic bluegrass-country-jazz-swing band, not to be confused with the mountain range miles from our home base in Auckland.

Never heard of that bluegrass-country-jazz-swing? Neither had we until we tried it, but when we blended it all together we liked what we heard.

We are Neil Finlay on guitar and harmonica, Bryan Christianson on banjo, Garry Trotman on bass and Pete Parnham on lead and slide guitars- and these days we all sing a bit.

Neil Finlay

Neil Finlay (photo: Mark Forster-King)

Bryan Christianson

Bryan Christianson (photo: Mark Forster-King)

Garry Trotman

Garry Trotman (photo: Mark Forster-King)


Peter Parnham (photo: Donald Laing)

Banjo hat

Image: Mark Forster-King